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Anthony O'Donnell has over 30 years experience as a furniture restorer. After attending the London College of Furniture, his early working life was spent in London and moved to Burbage near Marlborough in 1999. 


As a member of the guild of master craftsman, Anthony uses his skills and enthusiasm for his craft to ensure the furniture he restores is treated with the same attention to detail and commitment to a quality finish. 


Anthony can offer a complete repair and restoration of all periods of furniture this can evolve the original finish of shellac or wax. Old timbers or veneers can be used to match the appearance of his repairs and preserve as much value as possible. 


He will undertake commissions from antique trade, private or commercial clients to use his specialised knowledge of restoration to pre-long and protect the furnitures life. 


Should you require an estimate for furniture you wish to be repaired, Anthony will visit your home and assess the cost of repairs. He can also provide an onsite waxing service and application of missing veneers to any large pieces of furniture. 


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